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I Have Leapt for Love

Audrey Hepburn Jumping by Philippe Halsman

I have leapt for love only to fall flat on my face on the banks, in a river,

in the mud

I have leapt for love and then run from it, back towards my single familiar path, alone, yet back on track

I have leapt for love just to push it away out of me, out of you, like a fly, like a flea

I have leapt for love Oh, how I've cried,

how I've screamed Into madness, obsession, into darkness and light Why none of these leaps have taken permanent flight!

I have leapt so many times for love Would I even recognize it now, as an open door? Would I walk through? Or give it a snore?

Keep the monster hidden, the child safe inside, Snow white is colder when she drinks ice cold pride Like a victim of trust, another betrayal to survive

Why doesn't it feel natural, this natural high?

I have leapt so many times for love that

My heart now resembles the symbol of a recycling Been there, done that…did it again, compressed him flat From coast to coast; past to present Once emotions sear the flesh, leaping for love becomes another lesson

I know, I know…I've just forgotten, The body conforms to exercises done in routine Like jumping for joy, leaping for love gets old,

movie screen, after movie screen

You see, the truth is, when it comes to love, I've always done the leaping, and never LET love leap for me

But maybe this time, it won't feel like a leap More like four feet, doing the two step together Hands at arms length, in a tango, two hearts deep

Be still and let love live its everyday around me, Let love get its dirt, it's soil underneath my finger nails Let love tan my shoulders rich, and spin me off on its own happy rails Because I'm not afraid of leaping, or crying, of madness or routine I'm not afraid of breaking, or recycling (memories),

Or picking up the pieces of me I'm not afraid of letting, and allowing in the moonlight, and being seen

The only thing I'm afraid of is that one day,

Iʼll not want to leap for love ever, ever again,

Not for you, not for me, nor even, for this space in between… first.

Yours Truly -- Ann Hu

(c) 5/3/15 (started 5/2/15 10:30pm - finished 5/3/15 11:10am)


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