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Sunday, May 3, 2015

I have leapt for love
only to fall flat on my face
on the banks, in a river, in the mud

I have leapt for love
and then run from it, back
towards my single familiar path,
alone, yet back on track

I have leapt for love
just to push it away
out of me, out of you, like a fly, like a flea

I have leapt for love
Oh, how I've cried, how I've screamed
Into madness, obsession, into darkness and light
Why none of these leaps have taken permanent flight!

I have leapt so many times for love
Would I even recognize it now,

as an open door?
Would I walk through? Or just close it shut?

Keep the monster hidden, the child safe inside,
Snow white is colder when she drinks ice cold pride
Like a victim of trust, another betrayal to survive

Why doesn't this feel natural...this natural high?

I have leapt so many times for lo...

Wednesday, February 5, 2003


I looked at the clock
It was 11:00
I closed my eyes and you dove into me like a dream into an ocean of fantasy
Amidst love and anonymity that can only be known in New York City, you turned to see the face of my solitude and kissed the pulp of me; a perfectly untouched fruit; you peeled into the pulp of me

I looked at the clock
It was 11:00
I disappeared into you as you disappeared into me
The way cotton candy disappears inside the fresh mouths of boys
Like time holding a memory, I held you inside the pink naked Earth of me, without gravity,

Floating in a sweet muted numbness that exists only in the best of our bodies’ sleep

I looked at the clock

It was 11:00
Like a finished song floating toward a lap of silence
You carried me to a place where sex meets love
To a place where lust meets trust

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