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Lover's Grave

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Come lay with me my lover blue In our lover's grave so deep, so true To exist as free as two by two, in a silence of time,

just you and I will do Come lay with me my haunting lover true In our cozy lover’s grave Permanent in our happy way Where we needn't worry about how

we’ll behave or what we’ll say Death is freeing And in this freest state, we can love in a forever Not just the day to day I've given up on work I've given up on taste I've given up on ambition I've given up on waste And I’ve finally given up on hurt I just want to lay with you, my sweet blanket of love And live this feeling that follows after all of the above It's as if I’ve forgotten myself All the things that made me want to change the world I'm realizing now, I’m no longer that valiant dragon girl So let’s float to that final destination, no one can avoid And come lay with me my lover, your lady now, Where we will be truly free, forever to enjoy In our perfect lovers grave, our hearts won’t be bothered In our perfect lovers grave, life will never, our love murder

-EA Hu (c) 2.17.15

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