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This poet passed the window I was sitting by,

Muscular and enigmatic, I thought it might be you

Navy blazer tucked up to his ears, eyeglasses for shields, and a pen for a sword

You spun me around in a hello that felt like a waltz

And I thought, "Uh-oh, what have we here?"

So I listened

I listened to you talk about music and poetry and Elvis

And then I realized that for the longest time, in my little girl’s mind

I thought men like you only existed in the magazines I read in my teenage dreams Sipping coffee sitting next to models, along cosmopolitan city streets, looking smart and beautiful I thought men like you only met a girl like me while sitting, as I stood,

Repeating daily specials and I'd wonder as I watched you dine with others, "Will that ever be me?"

I thought men like you were a maybe one day...perhaps, perfect skin, wish I could...

maybe we can...cause he's right in front of me now

Okay cupid...Isn’t it wonderful to be wrong about the things you don’t want to be right about?

You've impressed me, surprised me, accepted me, admired me, You've caressed me, inspired me, gone above and beyond the call of dating to earn my trust and win my lust,

and that's a must...for a woman like me who grew up on the streets of humanity’s worst. You've waited for me, baited for me, listened to me, accessorized my Friday nights with your shining armor of a heart and soul that's temperate and fearless on a battlefield of love in a City of Fucked Up Angels You make the seasons change here, you make me laugh so hard I sound like Fat Albert You make me feel like I can live and love at the same time without abandoning my ambitious grind

And you call us twins...Uh bah, uh bah, uh bah.... I used to be the kind of girl that read magazines with pictures of men sipping coffee while sitting next to models along cosmopolitan city streets, thinking that was the place to be You're my dream off the page and I'm a girl whose come of age. So...Let's hold hands. You lead Elvis.

Cause you’ve got me all shook up to dance.

(c) 2015 Ann Hu


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