Click each track below to listen to Ann cover some of her favorite songs.

"I Don't Know How to Love Him" - Jesus Christ Superstar


"I Dreamed a Dream"  - Les Miserables

"Meadowlark" - The Baker's Wife


     In 2015, musician Thomas Yount and singer Ann Hu recorded an electronic version of a traditional Christmas music. Click the button to listen!

"Set Fire to the Rain" - Adele

"Speechless" - Lady Gaga

Little Drummer Boy Mix - Thomas Yount and Ann Hu
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      In the spring of 2016, Hu was invited by Broadway singer Niki Scalera and Vegas Musician Kenny Davidsen to perform as a guest singer at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas. Here she is singing one of her favorites, "The Story"  by Brandi Carlile.

       Voiceover and ADR


     Hu records ADR for one of Harvey Weinstein's international projects, "The Protector". She is the English speaking voice for multiple characters in this film. Ironically, being in a recording studio all day is one of Hu favorite things to do!

ANN HU VO DEMO - Unknown Artist
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