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"I write because I don't know what I think, until I read what I say..." - Flannery O'Connor


      In 2009 Hu was asked to write for Backstage's former weekly column, UNSCRIPTED a blog for actors, by actors.  With over 300 posts in over three years, Hu amassed a readership that spanned from New York City to London, China and back around to Los Angeles. Click each title button to read some of her fans' favorite articles!

In 2011, Hu wrote an article on the lack of Asian representation in Hollywood and Broadway for

     "How we (as Asians) get to be viewed in life starts on the screen, on the stage, and bleeds into how others view us; which in turn, recycles into how we see ourselves, and more significantly into how young children of diversity, looking up to us, see themselves. We are not only creating art. We are creating identity, self-esteem, and possibility."

- Ann Hu

     Hu writes a bittersweet, heartbreaking tribute to her New York studio of ten years, where she realizes, "I'm just not that girl anymore..."

Hu watches the documentary by Rosanna Arquette about the struggles of being a female actress in Hollywood and asks, "How exactly does this pertain to me?"

Hu writes about the struggles in an artistic life and wonders, "maybe it's more like...that which does not kill us, tells us what we are meant for..."

Hu writes a powerful and poignant blog about the unfortunate common mentality many minority actors are forced to combat, in addition to career struggles in  the industry.

A comedic satire on finding Mr. Right in the hearts of the 'fictional' leading men of Hollywood. Hu compares her favorite fictional leading men to the non-fictional real misleading men in her romantic life.

Hu explores the world of stand up comedy, and the challenge of what truly is the 'hardest occupation in the world'.

Hu shares the 101 lessons and other observations while playing a recurring character on a network sit-com.

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