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I just laid another one down,

down hard, well and done After we painted this town With our hearts, first loves, and "dysfunctionalities" Tempers flaring like Pollock's brush Splattering our love like graffiti on the walls of our sweet ballistic, cacophonous memories This new toxic carcass, severed blunt Poor chump, he was sealed fresh at the start Was my own fault I guess, I could say I knew better But on that very first day I called him red letter Gave him the benefit of my doubt And stayed, baby, stayed No matter how many voices said He’s not yours to save So call me Kali, as I danced him on home That dance that leads to the slaying of the ego One chance after another, I gave it my best go But there was no easy way out, just another one man show And the lesson learned in rhyme, this time,

Sometimes it's impossible to avoid hiring for truths You’ve got to understand why you say what you say And why you do what you do

And the Truth this time, I’ll tell you plain, in rhyme, Mothers are raising boys, Leaving the dirty work for women, Who are breaking them into men - yours truly - Ann Hu


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